The Elder Scrolls Online, Map of Bleakrock Isle

Bleakrock Isle

Bleakrock Isle is a small, barren island in the Sea of Ghosts northwest of Morrowind, just to the south of Solstheim. The small garrison stationed in this frozen, remote Ebonheart Pact outpost keeps watch on the sea for invading ships.

  Name Description Points Category
Achievement Bleakrock Angler Catch a rare Inner Sea Scalyfin fish in Bleakrock. 5 Trophies:
Achievement Bleakrock and Bal Foyen Explorer Discover all of the striking locales on Bleakrock and Bal Foyen. 15 Exploration:
Ebonheart Pact
Achievement Bleakrock Isle Pathfinder Discover all of the striking locales on Bleakrock Isle. 5 Exploration:
Ebonheart Pact
Achievement Bleakrock Skyshard Hunter Find all 3 Skyshards in Bleakrock. 5 Skyshards
Achievement Hero of Bleakrock Find Bleakrock's missing villagers and send them home. 10 Quests:
Ebonheart Pact
Ebonheart Pact Quests:

Quest Giver: Riurik in Davon's Watch

  1. Speak with Riurik in Davon's Watch, then find Liezl at Davon's Watch docks to travel to Bleakrock Isle.
  2. Talk to Captain Rana in Bleakrock Village. She asks you to find and warn several of her people in the different places of the Isle.
  3. Find Darj the Hunter near Skyshroud Barrow, Rolunda and Eiman near Orkey's Hollow, and Sergeant Seyne near Hozzin's Folly.
  4. Speak with Captain Rana in Captain Rana's Office.

Recommended Level: 4 | Reward: 85 Gold

Quest Giver: Sergeant Seyne near Hozzin's Folly

  1. Talk to Sergeant Seyne. She wants you to explore the mine and uncover what the bandits are doing there.
  2. Get the Frostedge Disguise from a corpse of any bandit.
  3. Investigate three clues in the camp of Hozzin's Folly (Contract Scroll, Cracked Rune Ward, and Dark Ministrations).
  4. Enter the mine of Hozzin's Folly and find a way into the old tomb.
  5. Use the portal to enter Oblivion. Disrupt the ritual by destroying the Unspeakable Sigil, then leave the mine.
  6. Talk to Sergeant Seyne outside the mine.

Recommended Level: 4 | Rewards: 106 Gold, Seyne's Bootknife (One Hand Dagger, Absorb Stamina Enchantment, Sharpened)

Quest Giver: Rolunda near Orkey's Hollow

  1. Rolunda tells that her brother, Eiman, went into the cave and has not come out. She asks you to go into the cave and find him.
  2. Enter Orkey's Hollow and find Eiman imprisoned behind a wall of ice.
  3. Find three clues to the Frozen Man's identity:
    • The Dented Helm bears the sigil of the Aldmeri Dominion,
    • A journal, which explains the Frozen Man was spying on the Bleakrock Garrison,
    • A mage's rune in his bag, which explains the Frozen Man was a mage.
  4. Talk to the Frozen Man and enter the Frozen Man's Lair.
  5. Find the Real Frozen Man among three illusions of him around the Lair, then convince him to release Eiman.
  6. Talk to Rolunda outside the cave.

Recommended Level: 4 | Rewards: 106 Gold, Bonesplinter (One Hand Hammer, Hardening Enchantment, Weighted)

Quest Giver: Darj the Hunter near Skyshroud Barrow

  1. Speak with Darj the Hunter and use the incense to summon Haldriin.
  2. Retrieve three runestones scattered among the ruins (Whale Runestone, Snake Runestone, and Eagle Runestone).
  3. Place the runestones on the pedestals near the barrow's entrance.
  4. Enter Skyshroud Barrow to defeat the necromancer and sanctify Haldriin's corpse.
  5. Retrieve evidence of a planned Daggerfall Covenant attack.
  6. Leave Skyshroud Barrow, then talk to Darj the Hunter for your reward.

Recommended Level: 4 | Rewards: 85 Gold, Darj's Shield (Off Hand Shield, Max Stamina Enchantment, Impenetrable)

This quest begins when you finish one of the quests provided by Rana (Hozzin's Folly, The Frozen Man, or What Waits Beneath)

  1. Return to Captain Rana and order an early evacuation, or scour the island for villagers to send home:
    • Complete the other two quests given by Captain Rana,
    • Complete five side quests: At Frost's Edge, Dangerous Webs, Lost on Bleakrock, Tracking the Game, and Underfoot.

Recommended Level: 4 | Rewards: 85 Gold, Bleakrock Garrison Plate (Heavy Armor (Chest), Max Health Enchantment, Well Fitted)

Quest Giver: Captain Rana in Bleakrock Village

  1. Captain Rana asks you to light the signal beacon outside of Bleakrock Village.
  2. Enter the beacon south of Rana's office, climb the stairs to the top, light the signal fire, then head back to the village.
  3. Close by the wooden gate leading into Bleakrock you will found Tillrani Snow-Bourne. She is badly injured by Covenant attackers.
  4. Before dying Tillrani will order you to save the villagers trapped in the burning buildings.
  5. Grab a bucket of water from the well near the center of Bleakrock Village. Save Denskar, Aera, Littrek, and Trynhild.
  6. Meet with Captain Rana outside Last Rest, a tomb near the village.

Recommended Level: 4 | Reward: 85 Gold

Quest Giver: Captain Rana outside Last Rest, a tomb near the village

  1. Captain Rana sent the surviving refugees to Last Rest. Rana and you must clear a path through the tomb for the refugees.
  2. Enter Last Rest and use the switch to open the door for Captain Rana and the villagers. Wait for refugees.
  3. Unlock the door with flower stones to the left and right of it.
  4. Open the final door for Rana and the villagers. Wait for refugees, then leave Last Rest.
  5. Travel to Bal Foyen on the boat and talk to Captain Rana.

Recommended Level: 5 | Reward: 93 Gold

Side Quests:

Quest Giver: Bandit Note (Oath-Breaker, the Bandit Leader, has orders to capture villagers, so he can trade them for supplies)

  1. Kill a bandit at Frostedge Camp and read his note.
  2. Burn the supplies and fight your way through the bandits to free the captive, Bjorynolf.

Recommended Level: 4 | Reward: 42 Gold

Quest Giver: Bura-Natoo at Hunter's Camp

  1. Bura-Natoo explains that her companions have been taken by arachnids. She asks you rescue them.
  2. Save Hunts-in-Shadow, save Naer, and save Tethis.

Recommended Level: 4 | Reward: 42 Gold

Quest Giver: Halmaera at Halmaera's House

  1. Halmaera will tell you that her husband Geilund is lost. She asks you to use a whistle to call the dog and try to find Geilund.
  2. Use the dog whistle at the doors of the mill. The dog, Rexus, will appear after that.
  3. Pet him and Rexus will lead you to his master, who is lying wounded on the shore to the southwest, opposite Companions Point.

Recommended Level: 4 | Reward: 42 Gold

Quest Giver: Hoknir just outside Bleakrock Village, to the east

  1. Hoknir will tell you that he was wounded when hunting a beast named Deathclaw. The hunter asks you kill Deathclaw.
  2. Follow the trail towards Deathclaw's Lair. Examine one of the dead deers in front of the lair and then the pile of bones.
  3. Pick a piece of meat from a dead deer and use it on the pile of bones to make Deathclaw fly out.
  4. Kill Deathclaw, collect his talon, and bring it back to Hoknir.

Recommended Level: 4 | Reward: 42 Gold

Quest Giver: Molla, who runs in circles to the north of Bleakrock Village

  1. Follow Molla to a wand planted in the snow and pick up the wand.
  2. Talk to Molla. She tell that she and several others were turned into skeevers by a mage who left this wand behind.
  3. Find Faltha, Runs-in-Wild, and Brend in three different places of the Isle and use the wand on them.
  4. Speak with Molla in Bleakrock Village.

Recommended Level: 4 | Reward: 42 Gold

Bleakrock Isle Skyshards
  1. High atop the shrouded Barrow (In the eastern part of Bleakrock Isle, hidden behind trees on the top of Skyshroud Barrow).
  2. A Hollow victory beyond the iceflows (In the northern part of Bleakrock Isle, just before the entrance into Orkey's Hollow).
  3. To dig too deep would be no Folly (In the western part of Bleakrock Isle, inside the mine of Hozzin's Folly).
Map of Bleakrock Isle Bleakrock Village
Bleakrock Isle
Bleakrock Village
  • Bleakrock Village
  • Orkey's Hollow
  • Hozzin's Folly
  • Halmaera's House
  • Skyshroud Barrow
  • Hunter's Camp
  • Frostedge Camp
  • Paddlefloe Fishing Camp
  • Companions Point
  • Deathclaw's Lair
  • Bleakrock Wayshrine
  • Bleakrock Isle Treasure Map I
  • Bleakrock Isle Treasure Map II
  • Bleakrock Isle Treasure Map CE
  • Skyshard (High atop the shrouded Barrow)
  • Skyshard (A Hollow victory beyond the iceflows)
  • Skyshard (To dig too deep would be no Folly)
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