Oblivion, Map of Kvatch, Guide to Kvatch

Based on the in-game sources and a Pocket Guide to the Empire (3rd Edition)

Kvatch is a city on the Gold Road between Skingrad and Anvil. It was a large settlement when sacked by the Camoran Usurper in the 3E 249. During this assault, Antus Pinder led a hopeless defense against a superior force. Despite a grave defeat, his statue stands in Kvatch to honor his courage and spirit. With the course of time Kvatch was rebuilt from ruins.

In 3E 433 Kvatch was under the rule of Count Ormellius Goldwine. Count was the embodiment of nobility and a valiant warrior in his day. He's always ruled Kvatch with a fair hand, and listened to the needs of his people. Year earlier family strife claimed the lives of both sons of Count Goldwine, vying for the inheritance.

Shortly after the assassination of Uriel Septim VII, the city was sacked and destroyed by the Daedra, opened the first Gates to Oblivion in Cyrodiil. The Count of Kvatch Ormellius Goldwine was killed by Daedra, like most of the citizens.

  • Main Quest:
    • Find the Heir
    • Breaking the Siege of Kvatch
    • The Battle for Castle Kvatch
  • Side:
    • Restoration Master Training
  • Brother Martin
  • Ormellius Goldwine
  • Savlian Matius
  • Tierra
  • Berich Inian
  • Menien Goneld
  • Merandil
  • Athrelor
  • Batul gra-Sharob, Merchant (Armor/Weapons/Misc./Repairs)
  • Boldon
  • Guilbert Selone
  • Hirtel
  • Ilav Dralgoner
  • Ilend Vonius
  • Jesan Rilian
  • Lenka Valus
  • Oleta, Restoration Training, Master (71-100)
  • Sigrid, Merchant (Ingredients/Potions)
  • Tavia
  • Weedum-Ja
Map of Kvatch

1 - A Gate to Oblivion, 2 - Chapel of Akatosh, 3 - Chapel Undercroft, 4 - Castle Kvatch Passageway, 5 - Castle Kvatch