Oblivion, Map of Bravil, Guide to Bravil

Excerpts from Alessia Ottus' Guide to Bravil

This town is gray, grim, and depressing. The climate is damp and the atmosphere foul because of the fetid channels of the Larsius River that serve as Bravil's sewers, and because of the rank swamps of the lowland margins of the Niben Bay, where insects and diseases breed in abundance.

The architecture of the town is remarkable for its unequalled ugliness and disorder. The houses, shops, and guilds are built from cracked and splintered timbers soft from rot and green with mold and mildew. It is a pity that they do not fall down, for they might be rebuilt in a more pleasing manner, but rather they continue to grow on top of one another like mounded middens, reaching lofty heights of three and four stories. Beggars and thieves lounge indolently on balconies overhanging the streets and dump their refuse directly upon the unfortunate passers-by. Whole families live in teetering shacks on the tops of the buildings in unimaginable squalor.

Bravil is not organized into orderly districts. However, some landmarks may serve to orient the unfortunate visitor. The castle is approached by rickety bridges over the river to the east. The chapel is to the west. The shops and guilds are arranged in a line with their backs to the east wall and the channels of the river. Between the chapel and the shops and guilds are Bravil's ramshackle slums and tenements.

The castle is the only sturdy, stone-built dwelling in Bravil. It is nowhere as dirty and ill-furnished as the timber shacks of the people, but it is still little better than the houses of the poorest paupers in Anvil or the Imperial City. Count Regulus Terentius, from a respectable family, once a noted tournament champion, is now widely recognized by his people as a drunken wastrel and ne'er-do-well. And his son, Gellius Terentius, is a strutting peacock who cultivates the society of crimelords and skooma-eaters.

  • Mages Guild:
    • Bravil Recommendation
  • Dark Brotherhood:
    • A Kiss Before Dying
    • Whispers of Death
  • Side:
    • Caught in the Hunt
    • The Forlorn Watchman
    • Through A Nightmare, Darkly
    • Buying a house in Bravil
  • Castle Bravil:
    • Count Regulus Terentius (House)
    • Gellius Terentius
    • Fathis Aren, Conjuration Training, Basic (0-40)
    • Drels Theran
    • Dro'Nahrahe
    • Viera Lerus (Guard)
    • Hans Black-Nail
  • Fighters Guild:
    • Nahsi, Hand to Hand Training, Basic (0-40)
    • Tadrose Helas, Merchant (Armor/Weapons/Misc., Repairs), Armorer Training, Basic (0-40)
    • Vincent Galien
  • Mages Guild (Sp. Illusion):
    • Kud-Ei, Illusion Training*, Advanced (0-70)
    • Henantier
    • Delphine Jend, Merchant (Illusion Spells), Destruction Training, Advanced (0-70)
    • Ardaline, Merchant (Ingredients/Potions), Alchemy Training, Advanced (0-70)
    • Ita Rienus, Merchant (Illusion Spells/Recharge), Mysticism Training, Advanced (0-70)
    • Aryarie
    • Carandial
  • Chapel of Mara:
    • Marz, Restoration Training, Advanced (0-70)
    • Chana Mona
    • Olava the Fair
    • Uravasa Othrelas, Merchant (Restoration Spells), Speechcraft Training, Basic (0-40)
  • Beggars:
    • Cosmus the Cheat
    • Wretched Aia
  • Bay Roan Stables:
    • Isabeau Bienne, Merchant (Bay Horse)
    • Antoine Branck
  • Skooma Den:
    • J'zin-Dar
    • R'vanni
    • Reistr the Rotted
    • Roxanne Brigette
  • Other:
    • Bogrum Gro-Galash, The Lonely Suitor - Food/Bed
    • Daenlin, Archer's Paradox - Merchant (Armor/Weapons/Misc., Repairs)
    • Gilgondorin, Silverhome on the Water - Food/Bed
    • Nilawen, Fair Deal - Merchant (General, Home Upgrades)
    • Nordinor, Fair Deal - Merchant (General)
    • Ungarion, A Warlock's Luck - Merchant (Clothing, Ingredients, Books, Spells)
    • S'Krivva (TG)
    • Luciana Galena, (TG, Fence (General)), Light Armor Training, Advanced (0-70)
    • Dro'shanji (TG), Security Training, Advanced (0-70)
    • Varon Vamori (TG), Speechcraft Training, Advanced (0-70)
    • Ungolim (DB)
    • Andragil, Block Training, Master (71-100)
    • Aleron Loche
    • Ursanne Loche
    • Kurdan gro-Dragol
    • City-Swimmer, Sneak Training, Basic (0-40)
    • Brokil gro-Shatur
    • Jean-Pierre Lemonds
    • Jee-Tah
    • Ranaline
    • Reenum

* Kud-Ei does not offer training.

Bravil House for Sale can be purchased from Count Regulus Terentius for 4000 gold. Upgrades for home can be purchased from Nilawen at The Fair Deal. Without all upgrades, the home contains only a table and chair in front of the fireplace, and a double bed.

  • Seller: Count Regulus Terentius (disposition 50+);
  • Price to Purchase Home: 4000 gold;
  • Upgrades Purchased From: Nilawen at The Fair Deal;
  • Total Base Cost of All Upgrades: 3900 gold.
  • House Dining Area (650 gold): Chairs (2), Rug (1), Assorted Pottery;
  • House Kitchen Area (650 gold): Food Cupboard (1), Small Table (1), Chair (1), Assorted Pottery;
  • House Racks Assortment (650 gold): Wine Racks (2), Wall Mount Weapon Racks (2), Free-Standing Weapon Rack (1);
  • House Reading Area (650 gold): Bookshelves (2), Rug (1), Chair (1), Candelabra (1);
  • House Storage Area (650 gold): Dressers (2), Chair (1), Chest (1), Rug (1), Candelabra (1);
  • House Wall Hangings (650 gold): Assorted Paintings (4), Tapestry (1).
Map of Bravil

1 - Bravil Gate Door, 2 - Ungolim's House, 3 - Varon Vamori's House, 4 - Ranaline's House, 5 - S'krivva's House, 6 - City Swimmer's House, 7 - Silverhome on the Water, 8 - The Fair Deal, 9 - Bravil Fighters Guild, 10 - Dro'shanji's House, 11 - Andragil's House, 12 - Carandial's House, 13 - Skooma Den, 14 - Henantier's House, 15 - Aleron Loche's House, 16 - Great Chapel of Mara, 17 - Bravil Mages Guild, 18 - A Warlock's Luck, 19 - The Lonely Suitor Lodge, 20 - The Archer's Paradox, 21 - House For Sale, 22 - Luciana Galena's House, 23 - Castle Bravil