Oblivion, Map of Anvil, Guide to Anvil

Excerpts from Alessia Ottus' Guide to Anvil

Castle Anvil. The ruler of Anvil is Countess Millona Umbranox. Her husband, Corvus Umbranox, disappeared many years ago, and most persons would agree that Her Ladyship is better off without him, for he was a light and frivolous person, and given to loose and riotous behavior likely to promote scandal. The Countess herself is a righteous and godly woman, and an excellent ruler, well-loved by the people.

Districts of Anvil. Castle Anvil lies outside the town walls, south of town, overlooking the harbor, and is reached by gate from Chapelgate. Within the town walls are three districts: Chapelgate in the east, Westgate in the west, and Guildgate between Chapelgate and Westgate. Harborside lies outside the town walls, south of town, and is reached by gate from Westgate district.

Chapelgate. A more beautiful chapel may not be seen in all Cyrodiil. A quiet garden for meditation with a fine statue of Dibella lies between the chapel and the town wall, and across from the chapel is a lovely garden and covered arcade where worshippers are protected from the elements.

Guildgate. The most prosperous part of Anvil is entered by Guildgate, or Main Gate, or North Gate. Here side by side may be seen the handsomest and ugliest of Anvil buildings. The guilds are kept clean and in good repair, and both Mages Guild and Fighters Guild are unusually ambitious and industrious by Cyrodiil's common standard.

Westgate. This is the residential district of Anvil. The houses here are shabby and ill-kept.

Harborside. The docks are rotten and in ill-repair, and all manner of smells issue forth from the holds of ships and ramshackled warehouses. Shiftless persons gather here to bask in the sun, gossip, chatter, and plot how to beg or steal gold for wine and ale. There is, however, a very appealing lighthouse south of the harbor, from which one may contemplate a distant and less-disagreeable view of Anvil's castle, town and its harbor setting.

  • Mages Guild:
    • Anvil Recommendation
  • Fighters Guild:
    • A Rat Problem
    • The Unfortunate Shopkeeper
    • Den of Thieves
    • Newheim's Flagon
    • The Wandering Scholar
    • The Stone of St. Alessia
  • Side:
    • The Ghost Ship of Anvil
    • The Siren's Deception
    • Where Spirits Have Lease
    • When the Vow Breaks
  • DLC:
    • Pilgrimage (KotN)
    • Dunbarrow Cove (Thieves Den)
  • Unmarked:
    • Illegal Cargo
    • Attack on Fort Sutch
  • Castle Anvil:
    • Countess Millona Umbranox
    • Count Corvus Umbranox (A Stranger)
    • Dairihill
    • Baeralorn
    • Beatrice Gene
    • Colin Stedrine
    • Orrin (TG, Fence (General))
    • Langley (Guard)
    • Hieronymus Lex (Guard)*
  • Harborside:
    • Mirabelle Monet, Sneak Training, Advanced (0-70)
    • Hauls-Ropes-Faster, Athletics Training**, Advanced (0-70)
    • Anguilon
    • Isolde
    • Krognak gro-Brok
    • Thurindil
    • Timothee LaRouche
    • Wilhelm the Worm
    • Varulae (Serpent's Wake)
    • Maenlorn, "The Flowing Bowl" - Merchant (General)
    • Caenlorn
    • Hirtel
    • Sirens (Faustina Cartia, Signy Home-Wrecker, Tsarrina)
    • Norbert Lelles, "Lelles' Quality Mercandise" - Merchant (General)
    • Thiefs (Aenvir, Dranas Lerano, Storn the Burly)
    • Ulfgar Fog-Eye (Anvil Lighthouse)
  • The Sea Tub Clarabella:
    • Captain Baszone Patneim
    • First Mate Filch
  • Fighters Guild:
    • Azzan, Blunt Training, Advanced (0-70)
    • Huurwen, Block Training, Basic (0-40)
    • Rhano, Blade Training, Advanced (0-70)
    • Rufrius Vinicius, Hand to Hand Training, Basic (0-40)
    • Sten the Ugly
    • Llensi Llaram
    • Vigdis, Blunt Training, Basic (0-40)
  • Mages Guild (Sp. Restoration):
    • Carahil, Illusion Training, Advanced (0-70)
    • Felen Relas, Merchant (Ingredients/Potions), Alchemy Training, Basic (0-40)
    • Marc Gulitte, Merchant (Restoration Spells/Recharging), Destruction Training, Advanced (0-70)
    • Thaurron, Merchant (Restoration Spells)
  • Chapel of Dibella (Sp. Luck, Personality):
    • Dumania Jirich
    • Laralthir
    • Trevaia, Merchant (Potions/Restoration Spells)
  • Beggars:
    • Imus the Dull
    • Penniless Olvus
  • Horse Whisperer Stables:
    • Clesa, Merchant (White Horse)
    • Ernest
  • Whitmond Farm:
    • Maeva the Buxom
  • Other:
    • Enilroth, "Morvayn's Peacemakers" - Merchant (Weapons/Armor/Misc./Repair)
    • Varel Morvayn, "Morvayn's Peacemakers" - Merchant (Weapons/Armor/Misc./Repair)
    • Arvena Thelas
    • Wilbur, "The Count's Arms" - Food/Bed
    • Velwyn Benirus (Benirus Manor)
    • Didier Aumilie
    • S'shani
    • Quill-Weave, Acrobatics Training, Basic (0-40)
    • Gogan, Maelona (Guards)
    • Jesan Sextius
    • Gorgo gro-Shura
    • Newheim the Portly
    • Pinarus Inventius, Marksman Training, Advanced (0-70)
    • Astia Inventius
    • Rusia Bradus, Athletics Training, Master (71-100)
    • Heinrich Oaken-Hull
    • Hasathil

* After quest Taking Care of Lex (TG)

** Hauls-Ropes-Faster does not offer training, but this may be fixed in the CS.

Benirus Manor is a house for sale in the Anvil, it can be purchased from Velwyn Benirus for 5000 gold. Velwyn can be found at The Count's Arms inn. After purchase the home will begin Where Spirits Have Lease. When this quest is completed the house is upgraded (Note: all containers are reset, any items stored there at that time will be lost).

  • Seller: Velwyn Benirus;
  • Related Quest: Where Spirits Have Lease;
  • Price to Purchase Home: 5000 gold;
  • Upgrade Obtained by: Completing Where Spirits Have Lease.
Map of Anvil

Anvil: 1 - Anvil Main Gate, 2 - Morvayn's Peacemakers, 3 - Arvena Thelas' House, 4 - The Count's Arms, 5 - Quill-Weave's House, 6 - Gogan's House, 7 - City Watch Barracks, 8 - Jesan Sextius' House, 9 - Anvil Dock Gate, 10 - Newheim the Portly's House, 11 - Pinarus Inventius' House, 12 - Silgor Bradus' House, 13 - Abandoned House, 14 - Anvil Mages Guild, 15 - Anvil Fighters Guild, 16 - Heinrich Oaken-Hull's House, 17 - Benirus Manor, 18 - Chapel of Dibella, 19 - Anvil Castle Gate

Harborside: 20 - The Serpent's Wake, 21 - The Flowing Bowl, 22 - Lelles' Quality Merchandise, 23 - Harborside Warehouse, 24 - The Fo'c's'le, 25 - The Sea Tub Clarabella

Anvil Lighthouse: 26 - Ulfgar Fog-Eye's House

Castle Anvil: 27 - Royal Quarters, 28 - Smuggler's Cave