The Elder Scrolls Online, Map of Betnikh


Wrested from the Bretons by Orcs centuries ago, Betnikh is an easily-defended island with high cliffs and rich farmland. There is talk of trouble with giant flying insects, as well as necromancy being practiced on the island.

Betnikh Skyshards
  1. In the dig site (In the northwestern part of Betnikh, next to the entrance to Moriseli).
  2. Where wolves prowl eastern ruins (Behind a wall of the ruins on a hillside located directly west of Gilbard's Nook).
  3. Outside a house for the dead (In the eastern part of Grimfield, next to a tree and a tomb).

Map of Betnikh Stonetooth Fortress
Stonetooth Fortress
  • Stonetooth Fortress
  • Carzog's Demise
  • Moriseli
  • Carved Hills
  • Grimfield
  • Eyearata
  • Gilbard's Nook
  • Grimfield Wayshrine
  • Stonetooth Wayshrine
  • Carved Hills Wayshrine
  • Betnikh Treasure Map I
  • Betnikh Treasure Map II
  • Betnikh Treasure Map CE
  • Skyshard (In the dig site)
  • Skyshard (Where wolves prowl eastern ruins)
  • Skyshard (Outside a house for the dead)
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