Shivering Isles, Map of New Sheoth, Guide to New Sheoth

Excerpts from Brenith Aralyn's Guide to New Sheoth

New Sheoth is generally recognized as the jewel of the Shivering Isles, the culinary and cultural epicenter of the entire realm. Founded at the whim of Our Lord Sheogorath, the city is a model of the Madgod's own perfect vision.

The city is divided into three main sections: Bliss, Crucible, and the Palace. Bliss and Crucible house the majority of residential and commercial buildings in the city, while the Palace area houses the magnificent Palace of Sheogorath, as well as the residences of the reigning Dukes of Mania and Dementia.

Though located in the same city, visitors will find that the Bliss and Crucible areas of New Sheoth offer distinct experiences. The shining parapets and golden roads of Bliss stand in stark contrast to the rustic buildings and unpaved streets of Crucible. Travelers interested in a bustling nightlife and fine cuisine might prefer time spent in Bliss, renowned for its extravagant galas and spirited affairs. Visitors who seek a quieter experience would do well to spend their time exploring Crucible, where Dark Seducer patrols encourage a more serene way of life.

No matter your tastes, New Sheoth promises an experience like no other.

  • Main Quest:
    • A Better Mousetrap
  • Bliss:
    • Falling Awake
    • Work is Never Done
    • The Fork of Horripilation
  • Crucible:
    • Brithaur
    • The Coming Storm
    • Final Resting
    • The Lady of Paranoia
    • A Liquid Solution
    • The Museum of Oddities
    • Ushnar's Terror
  • Side:
    • The Antipodean Hammer
  • Palace of Sheogorath:
    • Sheogorath, the Daedric Prince of Madness, ruler and creator of the Shivering Isles
    • Haskill, the Chamberlain of Sheogorath
    • Court Healer
    • Dancer
  • House of Mania:
    • Thadon, the Duke of Mania
    • Wide-Eye, Duke Thadon's servant
    • Gundlar, Duke Thadon's personal cook
  • House of Dementia:
    • Syl, the Duchess of Dementia
    • Anya Herrick, Lady Syl's servant
    • Kithlan, Lady Syl's Steward
    • Herdir, the Dungeon Master of the House of Dementia
    • Nelrene, Dark Seducer
  • Bliss:
    • Dumag gro-Bonk, The Missing Pauldron - Merchant (Armor, Weapons, Misc., Repairs, Recharging)
    • Sontaire, Books of Bliss - Merchant (Books)
    • Tilse Areleth, Common Treasures - Merchant (General)
    • Raven Biter, The Choosy Beggar - Food/Bed
    • Sheer Meedish
    • Dervenin, the High Priest of Mania
    • Big Head
    • Amiable Fanriene
    • Uungor
    • Fimmion
    • Orinthal
    • Pad-Ei
    • Rendil Drarara
    • Thaedil
    • Tove the Unrestful
  • Crucible:
    • Ahjazda, Things Found - Merchant (Books, Apparatus, Ingredients)
    • Cutter, Cutter's Weapons - Merchant (Weapons, Arrows, Armor, Repair Hammers)
    • Earil, Earil's Mysteries - Merchant (Scrolls, Soul gems, Ingredients, Spells)
    • Sickly Bernice, Sickly Bernice's Taphouse - Food/Bed
    • Arctus, the High Priest of Dementia
    • Una Armina, the curator of the Museum of Oddities
    • Ushnar gro-Shadborgob
    • Bhisha
    • Caldana Monrius, a Skooma addict
    • Bolwing, beggar
    • Brithaur
    • Gloorolros
    • Hirrus Clutumnus
    • Ma'zaddha
    • Muurine
Map of New Sheoth

Bliss: 1. Common Treasures, 2. Amiable Fanriene's House, 3. The Missing Pauldron, 4. Orinthal's House, 5. Books of Bliss, 6. Thaedil's House, 7. Sacellum Arden-Sul, 8. Tove the Unrestful's House, 9. Big Head's House, 10. Rendil Drarara's House, 11. The Choosy Beggar

Palace Grounds: 12. Greenmote Silo, 13. House of Mania, 14. Sheogorath's Palace, 15. House of Dementia

Crucible: 16. Cutter's Weapons, 17. Ushnar gro-Shadborgob's House, 18. Museum of Oddities, 19. Earil's Mysteries, 20. Caldana Monrius' House, 21. Things Found, 22. Muurine's House, 23. Ma'zaddha's House, 24. Sickly Bernice's Taphouse, 25. Sickly Bernice's Taphouse Guest Rooms, 26. Hirrus Clutumnus' House, 27. Brithaur's House

28. New Sheoth Graveyard