Oblivion, Map of Bruma, Guide to Bruma

Excerpts from Alessia Ottus' Guide to Bruma

Bruma is understood to be a Nibenese county, but in truth it is more Nord than Nibenese, on account of its close proximity to the Skyrim border, and on account of the terrible cold and discomfort of its location high in the Jerall Mountains. Bruma is always cold and covered with snow, with braziers kept burning in every quarter to prevent the citizens from freezing to death. Everything is built in wood, since trees are so plentiful in the forests of the Jeralls, and even rich men live here in dark, dirty wooden huts. It is little wonder that Nords are such drunken heathen savages, for life is impossible in such a climate, and one might be tempted to drink into insensibility or sell one's soul to just to find sanctuary from the bitter cold and relentless wind.

Castle Bruma is cold and drafty, carelessly decorated, and dark with soot from the perpetually burning braziers. The smell of smoke and cinders is overpowering. The high ceilings are grand, but impossible to heat, and one is never able to get warm. The ancient layers of soot and filth encrusting the stonework makes it difficult to appreciate the exceptional stonecarving. Except in its stonework and grand scale, the castle is like the log huts of the people -- cold, dark, drafty, and dirty.

Countess Narina Carvain is a Nibenean Heartlander, a dutiful chapelgoer, and a respected ruler, though she is a cunning and ruthless negotiator, and has a reputation for sharp-dealing and treachery. Administration of the county is efficient and well-ordered, and a well-trained and aggressive town watch under command of a hard-nosed Nord captain insures that thieves and beggars are not very troublesome, though Nords are famous for drunkenness and rioting.

Access to the castle is through a gate west from the town into a courtyard. The shops, inns, guilds are located in the north, either on the western terrace near the castle gate, or below the terrace, north of the chapel. The chapel is the central feature of southern Bruma, with houses ranged along the inside of the walls along the east and south. The streets are cramped and barren, since few trees and plants can survive the cold, but the town is compact and quickly explored.

  • Main Quest:
    • Spies
    • Bruma Gate
    • Allies for Bruma
    • Defense of Bruma
  • Mages Guild:
    • Bruma Recommendation
  • Dark Brotherhood:
    • Accidents Happen
    • Broken Vows
  • Side:
    • A Brotherhood Betrayed
    • Lifting the Vale
    • Two Sides of the Coin
    • Buying a house in Bruma
  • Castle Bruma:
    • Countess Narina Carvain (House)
    • Tolgan
    • Gan Luseph
    • Yvara Channitte
    • Burd (Guard)
    • Gerich Senarel (Guard)
    • Carius Runellius (Guard)
    • Tyrellius Logellus (Guard)
  • Fighters Guild:
    • Bumph gra-Gash, Heavy Armor Training, Basic (0-40)
    • Right-Wind, Blade Training, Basic (0-40)
  • Mages Guild:
    • Jeanne Frasoric
    • Volanaro, Merchant (Spells/Recharge)
    • Selena Orania, Merchant (Ingredients/Potions/Spells)
    • J'skar, Destruction Training, Basic (0-40)
  • Chapel of Talos:
    • Arentus Falvius, Conjuration Training, Advanced (0-70)
    • Isa Raman, Merchant (Restoration Spells)
    • Cirroc, Restoration Training, Basic (0-40)
  • Beggars:
    • Fetid Jofnhild
    • Jorck the Outcast
  • Wildeye Stables:
    • Petrine, Merchant (Paint Horse)
    • Humilis Nonius
  • Other:
    • Fjotreid, Hammer and Axe - Merchant (Armor/Weapons/Misc./Repairs)
    • Hafid Hollowleg, Jerall View - Food/Bed
    • Karinnarre, Novaroma - Merchant (General)
    • Suurootan, Novaroma - Merchant (General, Home Upgrades)
    • Olav, Olav's Tap and Tack - Food/Bed
    • Olfand, Nord Winds - Merchant (Armor/Weapons/Misc./Repairs), Light Armor Training, Basic (0-40)
    • Skjorta, Nord Winds - Merchant (Clothing)
    • Ongar the World-Weary, (TG, Fence (General))
    • Helvius Cecia (TG), Hand to Hand Training, Master (71-100)
    • J'Ghasta (DB)
    • Arnora Auria
    • Jorundr (in Castle Dungeon)
    • Bradon Lirrian
    • Erline Lirrian
    • Baenlin
    • Gromm
    • Caenlin (After quest Accidents Happen (DB))
    • Alga, Speechcraft Training, Basic (0-40)
    • Brotch Calus, Alchemy Training, Advanced (0-70)
    • Camilla Lollia
    • Edla Dark-Heart, Marksman Training, Basic (0-40)
    • Regner
    • Honmund
    • Istirus Brolus
    • Jantus Brolus, Illusion Training, Basic (0-40)
    • Jearl
    • Logvaar
    • Lyra Rosentia
    • Saveri Faram
    • Snar the Cook

Bruma House for Sale can be purchased from Countess Narina Carvain for 10,000 gold. Upgrades for home can be purchased from Suurootan at Novaroma. Without all upgrades, the home contains only a table and a single chair in front of the fireplace in the main level, and a double bed in the lower level.

Note: If your infamy is 10 or more, the dialog to purchase the house from the Countess is not available until quest Lifting the Vale not completed.

  • Seller: Countess Narina Carvain (disposition 60+);
  • Price to Purchase Home: 10000 gold;
  • Upgrades Purchased From: Suurootan at Novaroma;
  • Total Base Cost of All Upgrades: 9900 gold.
  • House Bedroom Area (1100 gold): Wall-Mounted Candle Sconces (2), Clothing Cupboard (1), Dresser (1), Chest (1), Rug (1), Candle Holder (1), Assorted Pottery and Potted Flowers;
  • House Dining Area (1100 gold): Chairs (3), Rug (1), Set of Shelves (1), Assorted Pottery and Utensils Potted Flowers;
  • House Kitchen Area (1100 gold): Cupboard (1), Wine Rack (1), Chest (1), Fireplace Rack (1), Candle Holder (1), Rug (1), Assorted Bottles and Pottery;
  • House Lower Storage Area (1100 gold): Barrels (3), Chest (1), Set of Shelves (1), Small Table (1), Bench (1), Chair (1), Rug (1), Assorted Pottery;
  • House Lower Wall Hangings (1100 gold): Paintings (3), Tapestries (3), Wall-Mounted Candle Sconces (4);
  • House Study Area (1100 gold): Bookshelves (2), Desk (1), Chair (1), Candelabra (1), Assorted Candles;
  • House Upper Sitting Area (1100 gold): Tables (2), Bench (1), Chair (1), Rug (1), Candle Holder (1), Potted Flowers;
  • House Upper Storage Area (1100 gold): Chests (2), Set of Shelves (1), Small Table (1), Candelabra (1), Assorted Pottery;
  • House Upper Wall Hangings (1100 gold): Paintings (5), Tapestry (1), Candle Holders (2).
Map of Bruma

1 - Castle Bruma, 2 - Bruma North Gate, 3 - Nord Winds, 4 - Novaroma, 5 - Jerall View Inn, 6 - Bradon Lirrian's House, 7 - Istrius Brolus' House, 8 - Ongar's House, 9 - Jearl's House, 10 - Arnora's House, 11 - Regner's House, 12 - Helvius Cecia's House, 13 - Great Chapel of Talos, 14 - Honmund's House, 15 - Bruma Fighters Guild, 16 - Bruma Mages Guild, 17 - Hammer and Axe, 18 - Lyra Rosentia's House, 19 - Baenlin's House, 20 - House for Sale, 21 - Bruma East Gate, 22 - Olav's Tap and Tack, 23 - Brotch Calus' House, 24 - J'Ghasta's House